Airgloss ProSense
Smart Building automation at the core of your workspace,
for healthier and more energy efficient environments.

Healthy Indoor
Efficient Energy
Remote Monitoring
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Pro-Level environmental monitoring

Airgloss ProSense detects a wide range of airborne contaminants, including VOC’s, Carbon Monoxide, CO2 and autonomously controls HVAC and air purification systems. A cutting edge solution for healthier indoor environments, improved energy saving, comfort and productivity.

Connect & control

Overview and control your indoor environment from anywhere. Manage all Airgloss devices from one platform and directly control HVAC and air purification systems. Access the app from your personal device for real time monitoring, review data history or choose to receive custom alerts in case of carbon monoxide build up, possible gas leaks or chemical contamination.

Seamless integration in every indoor space

Real time

Indoor environment and health

Indoor spaces are constantly influenced by several factors, including air quality, temperature and humidity. Poor indoor environmental quality may have negative repercussions on health, comfort and productivity. Headaches along with irritation to eyes, nose and throat are among the most common symptoms caused by these conditions. Since, most time is spent indoors between home, work and other indoor spaces, monitoring environmental parameters and acting to counter negative effects, are key elements for correct home and building management.

Excesses of CO2 can reduce productivity up to 50%

Indoors, CO2 is mostly emitted by people.
Excess build up due to overcrowded spaces or low air exchange may lead to headaches and impair cognitive performance.

Better Indoor air quality for children

Children are among those who are more vulnerable to poor indoor air quality. Breathing more air than adults, in proportion to their weight, and having an immune system in a development stage, increases the negative effects on health and cognitive functions. Air contaminants such as VOC’s and higher levels of CO2 affect learning and memory performance, cause discomfort, headaches and other health related issues. Improving IAQ by carefully monitoring air contaminants and efficiently managing ventilation or fresh air intake, has therefore both immediate and long-term benefits.

Indoor air quality and productivity

In offices and other workspaces, employees are confronted daily with issues related to the indoor environment, and air quality (IAQ) in particular. Numerous studies prove the direct relation between poor IAQ and lower productivity, increase in sick leaves and dissatisfaction towards the workplace, which translates into both a general health issue and major economic loss. An analysis indicated for example that solving these problems would result in saving the US economy up to $150 bn per year. (Source: Fisk & Rosenfeld)

Environment overview at your fingertips

Access Airgloss data and controls to overview your indoor environment and easily manage temperature ventilation and air conditioning from anywhere, on all your devices.

Colour coding, simple and effective

Accurately monitor the quality of your environment. View real time measurements and feedback and always know, at a glance, whether your environment is safe and when there is room for improvement.

Air quality is good and
parameters are well within limits.
Air quality is average. Follow Airgloss tips
to improve your indoor environment.
Parameters exceeded limits.
Exposure could now be dangerous.

Finding the sources of indoor air pollutants

Mold is primarily caused by moisture, excessive heating, and lack of ventilation, even though affected areas might not show visible signs.

Paint, varnish, wall boards, ceiling tiles and pressed wood as well as other construction materials, may release harmful VOCs.

Common household products e.g. cleaning fluids, disinfectants and aerosols also release potentially dangerous VOCs.

Fireplaces, stoves, and furnaces are among the most common sources of potentially harmful and toxic air pollutants.

Airgloss multi-sensing technology

The ProSense features a cutting edge gas sensing technology developed entirely by Airgloss and specifically designed for indoor environmental monitoring. A new solution that allows a prompt detection and identification of a wide range of indoor airborne pollutants, and potentially dangerous chemicals, using artificial intelligence algorithms and pattern recognition.

Volatile Organic
Natural Gas

Taking that extra step for what matters the most

Making sure your space is comfortable and safe

Learning to get the most out of our environment

Ready out of the box

Effortless installation and maintenance free. Airgloss ProSense is easily set up over Wi-Fi and integrates in existing heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. It works both individually and in array to monitor a single room, a floor, or even the entire building.