Airgloss Management Platform

Keep track of your environment, anywhere, anytime

Overview and control

on all your devices

Real-time environment overview at a glance, with accurate measurements and intuitive color-coded feedback. Control your HVAC systems and receive custom notifications according to your needs.

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Accurate analytics

with complete data history

Keep track of what happens in your environment and easily detect and solve any arising issues. Data history helps you track your improvements for either simple or complex analysis.

Management Platform features

Airgloss Management Platform is an advanced tool fitting for both a residential use as well as a professional, business approach.

  • Real time Overview
  • Data History
  • Remote Operations
  • Buildings Management
  • Secure access sharing

Real time notifications

Custom alerts

Manage personally the alerts you want to receive, with maximum customization.

Helpful advice

Receive relevant advice to improve your indoor environment and boost energy saving.

Simple color-coding

Find out what’s wrong at a glance with Airgloss intuitive color-coding.

Push notifications

Receive alerts directly on your device, so that you never miss anything.

Choose your profile

Switch tresholds sensitivity between 3 different profiles, to better reflect your environment.

Raise awareness

Airgloss notifications give you facts and informations about each parameter being measured.

Smarter buildings

with complex building management

Airgloss Management Platform is the single-point monitoring and control solution to increase your occupants comfort and health and optimize energy efficiency. Its enterprise-level features allow you to easily manage multiple buildings - all in one place as well as multiple accesses, with Airgloss handy Access Sharing option.

Airgloss for developers

cloud based API for your project needs

Integrate Airgloss sensors in your software solution or any kind of BMS, with our API available to developers for third party integration. Coming soon with subscription-based format.