What’s new?

BACnet MSTP now standard for ProSense 2nd Gen

Airgloss continues to push the boundaries of integration, communication and data exchange features improving compatibility with most of HVAC systems. BACnet MSTP will be available now as standard with Premium Subscription.

New data export feature released

Airgloss Management Platform new feature allows you to rapidly export historical data for a specific period of time and parameter. You can even choose how you want data to be exported: csv or json! Please note: this feature is only available on your desktop as of now.

Airgloss Beta App is now live

We’ve officially release Airgloss Beta App to the public, replacing the old Airgloss App. You may not notice big differences - we tried to keep the UI as similar as possible - but here’s the deal: it’s faster, improved, HVAC ready. Come try it!